Kingsley Amaku


Kingsley Amaku

Kingsley Amaku

Mr. Kingsley Amaku is the Head of Sanctions Department of the Directorate of Legal and Sanctions of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit. He is a lawyer with over 20 years’ experience spanning through corporate commercial practice, Non-Governmental Organisations, and the public sector.

With several high-level legal trainings, including a few at the prestigious Harvard School of Government and the Management School of London, Mr. Kingsley Amaku is a Public Policy development expert and a regulatory consultant. He is today a leading figure in the development law movement in Nigeria. He has had the unique proficiency of being an advocate of development law to advising on the conceptualization, development, and passage of these and other laws at the highest level of legislative responsibilities and authorities in the country- the National Assembly. He has served two effective Senate Presidents as a technical adviser.

Between 2015-2019, he acted as liaison and was significantly instrumental to the development of new The Legislative Agenda of the 8th Senate. He was responsible for initiating, evaluating, planning, monitoring, and instigating informal public engagements with the National Assembly on legislative projects from the Office of the Senate President and the Nigerian Senate. The Unit he headed, the Legislative Matters and Strategy Unit of the office of the Senate President, developed, managed, monitored, and processed some of the signpost legislative projects of the 8th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Unit assisted the National Assembly to develop and deliver for the first time, a detailed legislative agenda with a priority focus on diversification of the Nigerian economy through greater private sector participation in the Nigerian economy and job creation as well as laws aimed at deepening the Nigerian democracy.

Priority was on bills that have a significant impact on opportunities, enterprise development, employment creation, property security, and capital formation.

Significant projects here include the following;

The Electoral Act Amendment 2018;
The Petroleum Industry Governance Bill 2018;
The Petroleum Host Communities Bill, 2017;
The Petroleum Fiscal Framework, Bill
2018; The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission Act 2019; Credit Reporting Bill 2017;
The National Transport Commission 2018;
The Nigerian Railway Bill 2017;
The Nigerian Ports and Harbour Bill 2017;
The National Water-Ways Authority Bill 2017;
The Federal Roads Authority Bill 2018;
The National Roads Fund Bill 2018; The Secure Transactions in Movable Assets Bill 2016; The Companies and Allied Matters Act (Repeal and Re-enactment) Bill 2018; and
the Investment and Securities Act (Repeal and Re-enactment) Bill.

Before his second stint at the National Assembly as an adviser, Mr. Kingsley was Head of Chambers Streamsowers & Kohn, Abuja, one of the leading commercial law offices in Nigeria. He had earlier cut his teeth working with Olisa Agbakoba & Associates in Lagos as well as the National Democratic Institute (NDI), an International Non-government Organisation in Abuja.

Today, he has moved on to higher public responsibilities, working with the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) to help secure and maintain the Nigerian financial system against AML/CFT vulnerabilities.



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